Out Of The Box

Teams create a display that expresses the view of the group

1 - 3 timmar
Konkurrenskraftig / samverkande
20 - Obegränsade


In Out of the Box participants enter the room to discover that the space is empty apart from a number of large wooden crates. Each crate folds out into a large display stand and inside they find details on a given issue together with supporting material and props. Each team’s task is to create a display on the stand that addresses the issue and present their analysis, findings and recommendations. Once completed each display is brought to life with a live presentation, discussion and feedback session.


Out of the Box is an ingenious way to generate fresh ideas and stimulate open and frank discussion around key issues in a relaxed informal and creative way. A great way of stimulating innovative and creative thinking. It also is a great way of practising clear, concise and considerate communication when discussing and debating issues. Time is short so teams must use their initiative and be resourceful with the materials to hand.

Detta var ett fantastiskt sätt att tände den innovativa gnistan i alla inblandade. Vi har sett en markant förbättring i gruppdynamik - en ökning i vilja att lyssna på andras idéer. Fantastiska resultat.


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